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Protecting our Environment

The staff and management of Western Canada Express/Apex Motor Express are committed to protecting the environment for our customers and society. We understand that our ways in dealing with challenges today can have a profound effect on everyone's quality of life in the future. Accordingly, we strive, on an ongoing basis, to take reasonable and responsible steps to protect our environment. We are also committed to finding and implementing better and more environmentally friendly ways in providing our quality services. Items of note to date include:

Effective policies: In our cartage and over the road operations we have had speed limiters activated and idle times minimized in order to reduce the amount of Greenhouse Gas (GHGs) we emit into the atmosphere for every mile we travel. Effective operations: Long distance travel is arranged through rail intermodal, with our containers moving on rail flat cars. This provides for a very smooth ride and greatly reduces carbon footprint for all clients.

Fleet efficiencies: We strive to maintain equipment balances within our distribution networks to reduce empty miles, and thereby reduce emissions and fuel usage.

Equipment maintenance: To ensure both safety and efficient operation of equipment, all road power is subject to regular preventative maintenance, often times exceeding legislated standards.

Improved tractor aerodynamics: through after-market modifications, such as roof fairings and cab extenders, fuel consumption in over the road operations can be reduced. Use of such aftermarket equipment is promoted within our fleets.

Waste Compactors: in use at major facilities to minimize land fill.

Paper use reductions: We provide numerous e-commerce solutions, such as EDI and on line imaging of bills of lading and proofs of delivery in order to reduce and potentially eliminate paper use.

Dangerous goods: All staff involved in the transportation of dangerous goods receive training in accordance with legislated standards and any disposal of dangerous goods is carried out as prescribed in appropriate Provincial legislation.

SmartWay Transportation Partnership: Both Western Canada Express and Apex Motor Express are proud to be participants in the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's SmartWay partnership program.

FleetSmart Program: Western Canada Express and Apex Motor Express are also registered in Natural Resources Canada's FleetSmart program. FleetSmart information and materials are used ongoing in developing environmental awareness and good practices amongst our drivers. Three FleetSmart Heavy Vehicle Master Trainers are on staff.

Education: We strive to educate our drivers in the importance of respecting speed limits, reducing engine idling times, maintaining proper tire pressure and ensuring frequent preventative maintenance so as to increase fuel efficiency and also vehicle life.

Responsible distribution: We work ongoing to ensure sound waste management policies followed and to improve the safe and environmentally secure distribution of chemical products. In accordance with the RESPONSIBLE DISTRIBUTION program of the Canadian Association of Chemical Distributors, we allow periodic reviews and evaluations of performance within our operations.

Working together: We strive to foster an atmosphere where customers, associates, contractors, vendors and the general public can conduct an open dialogue on areas of improvement in terms of environmental protection.

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